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    Make your own Georgia gift basket with our interactive Georgia classes! Highlighting different seasons and themes,...
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    A fun way to learn about the state of Georgia, this interactive Georgia class has plenty of fun and games that...
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    A fun way to learn about the state of Georgia, this interactive Georgia class has plenty of fun and games that...

Explore the Art of Georgia Craftsmanship and Fun with Our Exclusive Georgia Experience Classes!

Welcome to our unique Georgia Classes at Georgia Gifts & More, where we celebrate the spirit of Georgia through engaging, hands-on experiences for both adults and kids. Nestled in the heart of Georgia's rich cultural and agricultural heritage, our classes are designed to offer an immersive journey into the art of gift-making and the joy of learning about our great state. With offerings tailored for different age groups, there's something for everyone to enjoy and take home.

For Adults: Create Your Own Georgia Gift Basket

Dive into the art of gift basket creation with our adult classes, where each month brings a new theme inspired by the seasons of Georgia. Begin with a captivating video presentation that takes you through the wonders of Georgia, setting the stage for an unforgettable crafting experience. Under the guidance of expert basket makers, you'll assemble your own Georgia gift basket, which includes an array of Georgia-grown foods and artisan products. As you craft, indulge in tastings of delicious local delicacies, making it not just a class, but a feast for the senses.

For Kids: Interactive Georgia Learning and Fun

Our kids' classes are packed with interactive fun and education, celebrating everything Georgia. Each session features an engaging video presentation about our state, followed by lively games focused on Georgia trivia, like Georgia Bingo, offering chances to win exciting prizes. The adventure concludes with a creative craft project, where kids decorate their own Georgia drawstring backpacks, guided by our friendly staff. It's a perfect blend of learning and play, ensuring each child leaves with new knowledge, a unique creation, and a smile.

Join us at Georgia Gifts & More for an unparalleled experience that combines creativity, learning, and the taste of Georgia's bounty. Whether you're crafting a personalized gift basket or exploring Georgia's culture through games and crafts, our Georgia Experience Classes offer a memorable way to connect with the essence of the Peach State. Perfect for family outings, individual explorations, or group activities, these classes are more than just a learning experience--they're a celebration of Georgia's heritage and hospitality.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to craft, create, and celebrate with us. Sign up for a Georgia Experience Class at Georgia Gifts & More and discover the joy of making something uniquely Georgian to take home and cherish.