peach tree with two peaches on the limb
  • $69.95
    A savory food lovers dream, this spicy selection of Georgia foods will warm their hearts -- and their tastebuds!...
  • $125.00
    The name of this Georgia gift basket says it all! Filled with an impressive selection of Georgia gourmet foods, the...
  • $29.99
    Crafted from a beautiful array of hardwoods, this Georgia shaped cutting board adds a touch of rustic elegance to any...
  • $275.00
    Our finest selection of Georgia foods hand picked for you! From Emily G's Jalapeno Raspberry Jam to our Peach...
  • $35.00
    Fresh fruit is always in season at Georgia Gifts and More! Choose from a generous selection of fruit or add in a few...
  • $47.50
    If you're nuts about Georgia, then this is the gift for you! A great assortment of Georgia peanuts and pecans pay...
  • $39.99
    This is how we do brunch in the South! From Peach Scones to Peach Tea, you can enjoy this peachy selection of made...
  • $149.95
    Filled with plenty of down-home comfort foods, this distinctive wood tray is brimming with a great selection of sweet...
  • $9.99
    With pieces of real Georgia peaches in each mix, Dr. Pete's Peaches and Cream Scone Mix allows you to enjoy the taste...
  • $39.99
    There's nothing like a stack of hotcakes right off the griddle -- especially when they're drizzled with our oh so...
  • $44.99
    This Southern breakfast gift basket is sure to have everyone gathering around the table in no time! Just the thought...
  • $99.95
    Wake up to the great taste of Georgia with this down home breakfast basket! Filled with plenty of locally sourced...
  • $39.95
    A cut above the rest! Our Georgia shaped cutting board is the ideal welcome gift for someone moving to Georgia....
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    Everyone knows that Georgia is a peachy place to be! That's why this Georgia gift box makes an excellent welcome...
  • $36.99
    Made with a bee-utiful combination of beeswax, shea butter, and cocoa butter, the items in this skincare gift set...
  • $65.00
    Bringing a little southern charm wrapped nicely in a wicker basket, this Georgia gift basket offers a delicious taste...
  • $120.00
    As the name implies, this Georgia gift basket is absolutely peachy! Filled with lots of peachy foods from Georgia,...
  • $16.99
    Good things come in 3's! Celebrating the power of three inside and out, this trio features three Georgia syrups each...
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    Quite possibly the most perfect party condiment, this Green Pepper Jelly combines the savory flavor of green bell...
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    Show off your love for the home state with these Georgia socks! A stylish men's accessory for just about any outfit,...
  • $69.95
    Just as the name implies, this Georgia gift basket is as sweet as a peach! Filled with plenty of peachy items to...
  • $74.95–$104.94
    Rise Up Atlanta! This Atlanta Falcons gift basket lets you root for the home team with a great assortment of snacks...
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    Go Dawgs! Show your UGA spirit with this University of Georgia Bulldogs gift basket filled with lots of Georgia gifts...

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