PM-10 - Emily G's Peach Marmalade

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Mar 2, 2024  |  Posted By Helen from Cumming, GA United States

Wonderful gift for my family

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Mom Loves It

Apr 11, 2022  |  Posted By David from Middleton, MA United States

So I have not tried this product because I don't like marmalades, jellies and jams but I got this for my mom. A bit of a story here. I flew my parents First Class on Delta from Birmingham, Alabama to Boston, Massachusetts so they could live with me. During the flight, mom had the charcuterie box on Delta and kept talking about how the "red stuff" was so good and she wanted more of it. Cue me trying to figure out what the "red stuff" was and failing until I flew Delta to Las Vegas a few weeks ago. The very nice lead flight attendant was able to pull up the items in the charcuterie box and the only thing on their that could possibly be "red stuff" was the Peach Marmalade. Cue me then trying to find Peach Marmalade. Amazon - nope, Wal-Mart - nope. Finally my Google-Fu kicked in and the only "peach marmalade" that appeared was from Georgia Gifts & More. Now putting my great detective skills together - Georgia Gifts & More is in Georgia. Delta is a Georgia headquartered airline. THIS MUST BE THE "RED STUFF." I ordered it, it arrive super quick and YES, it is the red stuff. Now I don't know if Georgia Gifts & More supplies Delta or not but mom is happy, which in turn makes me happy. Great job Georgia Gifts & More and thank you for making my mom happy and thus me happy since she has stopped asking me about "red stuff" every single day.

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